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Kubus. Sparda Art Prize

In 2019, the „Kubus“ art prize, jointly established by the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, is being awarded for the fourth time. The prize honors an outstanding achievement in the visual arts. It is directed toward artists who were either born in Baden-Württemberg or have a close connection to the state through their artistic work.

For this year’s edition, a panel of representatives from art and cultural institutions in Baden-Württemberg has proposed artists who work with photography in various ways. Four artists were then nominated by an other jury:

Sinje Dillenkofer, Peter Granser, Annette Kelm and Armin Linke

will each present present their work at the museum in separate spaces. Moreover, the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg is once again awarding an audience prize. You can vote for your favorite artist until the exhibition closes.

Winner 2019: Armin Linke

In 2019, the €20,000-endowed art prize goes to Armin Linke. The winner was selected by a jury comprising representatives of the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg and its art foundation, Bernd Klink and Martin Buch; and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Ulrike Groos and Sabine Gruber; along with Thomas Seelig, director of the photographic collection of the Museum Folkwant in Essen; film director Wiltrud Baier (Brot und Böller, Stuttgart); and Burkhard C. Kosminski, director of Schauspiel Stuttgart.

The jury comments: “At the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Armin Linke is offering viewers the first glimpse of the project he developed in collaboration with the photo historian Estelle Blaschke, “Image Capital.” Designed for the rooms of the museum, the display is a site-specific installation with an experimental character that reflects the medium of photography in a unique way. Digital technologies have radically changed the nature of photography. Worldwide, millions of images are in circulation, being archived, monitored, and used commercially. They store information about the world they depict and serve as a type of raw material for the latest developments such as machine vision and artificial intelligence. Turning to the history and development of photography, which are vividly presented in image, text, and film, the artistic concept proves to be a key to the readability of the present and the future.”

“Together with Estelle Blaschke, I am delighted about the award,” said Armin Linke, “and dedicate it to my co-nominees, Sinje Dillenkofer, Peter Granser, and Annette Kelm. In the run-up to the jury’s decision, we agreed that we would share the prize—as an expression of our mutual artistic and collegial esteem.”

Stiftung Kunst und Kultur

The »Stiftung Kunst und Kultur« is one of four foundations of the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg. The Stiftung Kunst und Kultur promotes music, literature, and the performing and visual arts, as well as cultural institutions and events such as concerts and art exhibitions.

The purpose of the foundation is the promotion of art and culture, including the maintenance and preservation of cultural values. Through the work of the Stiftung Kunst und Kultur, the Sparda-Bank aims to strengthen cultural diversity in Baden-Württemberg, promote encounters with art and artists through events – such as seminars and conferences, as well as performances, readings, concerts, and exhibitions – and support communication and cooperation between protagonists in the cultural realm. The main focus of support is on young talents.